Digitize Clinical Research Form

Save time / cost and ensure data security in an easy-to-use application

Clinical research will become quicker and simpler with Digital / e-CRF. No more paper-based research. No more shipping papers to the Doctors and getting them back and converting them to a digital format. Using eCRF, you save money and time and all the data is reliable and saved in a secure cloud for future use. The application is committed to support leading academic research centers, cancer centers and health systems with a familiar user interface, flexible features and a collaborative approach to growth.

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Easy to Use Electronic Data Capture

User experience is the key element of the Electronic Case Research Form (eCRF).Doctors and Clinical Research Officers need to concentrate on patient and patient records as well as on what they use for key-in results. Save precious time spent integrating and integrating data from different sources by linking all healthcare, patient and system data to an individual record point. Handle database build, mid-study changes, and more in an EDC system with no dependency on programmers, enabling essential speed and productivity in clinical trials. Maximize efficiency by conveniently collecting, storing, and integrating data from various sources on a compliant electronic data capture (EDC) system

Benefits of our eCRF.

Responsive form, which can be accessed on Laptop/ PC, Tab or a Phone
PDF Generation after CRF completion for record keeping,
Encrypted Data. All data stored in the database is encrypted Export to Excel. option for Clinical Research Organization for further submissions to legal authorities

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About eCRF/ EDC

Best Data Management Tool for Clinical Trial studies

eCRF is a software solution for the data management of paper and online clinical trials. It enables life science companies to automate the design, randomization, recording and entry of clinical trials. This application is developed by the Trovend TechnologyTeam, which has extensive experience in the field of health care. e CRF has an easy-to-use interface and features that reduce the time spent designing and maintaining studies. Whether single or multiple studies, our eCRF will streamline your data collection for all of your clinical trials. The eCRF can be configured according to your study, allowing you to take full control of the data being collected. The application can be deployed on your server, website or on our servers. You can configure various input modes: independent double entry, collaborative entry, single entry.


Customize According to your requirement

Our Developers will convert your existing word/ PDF based CRF document to On-line version in with-in days and it will match exactly what doctors used to key-in

Assign Unique Site Code and Number for each Patient

CRO will have option to assign a unique site code for each doctors/ location based on your requirements/ study

One Portal or Multiple

Depending on number of studies and your requirement, you can create portal like study.yourdomain.com or stydy1.yourdomain.com/ study2.youdomain.com etc.

Fully responsive

It doesn't matter whether your project will be displayed on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. eCRF looks and works great on each screen.

eCRF displayed on iPhone
Secured Data

All your data entered in CRF form is security stored in the database with encryption

21 CFR Part 11 Validated

21 CFR Part 11 Validated.

CDISC Compliant

CDISC Compliance.

Data Management

You can hold the data for years or based on your need with Access Log

Reports in Minutes

CRO or Client will be able to generate reports in Excel format with-in minutes

...and even more

Cross-browser compatibility

Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge - eCRF loves all browsers; all browsers love eCRF.

Role Based Login

Access will be given to Physicians/ Doctors, CROs and Client

Track All Studies

Dashboard view for Physicians for track their studies

Zero Data Loss

eCRF allows you to save the form in between before submitting the form to prevent any data loss

Available in Local Languages

eCRF Form can be accessible in multiple languages (Based on your country and study)

Technical support

We care about reliability. If you have any questions - do not hesitate to contact us.

Environment Friendly

With eCRF, there is no paper wastage, shipping and then manual converstion of data.


eCRF Allows you, reviewers or any other who has access put the comments/ tags to a form