How did Trovend implemented EDC/ eCRF?

One of the clinical research company (Abiogenesis) in Hyderabad approached us for a simple solution based on their client need;  Client used to the traditional paper based case report forms and due to the pandemic/ lockdown, shipping papers and site visits was bit risky as the study to be done during the peak months where the number of covid cases reported were high.

Mr. Pawan from Abiogenesis knew that we had vast expertise in healthcare domain as well as technology, he scheduled the meeting with his team and client and in the first meeting itself, client got the confidence that, we could develop the solution for them. Within two weeks the solution was ready for testing, after few iterations of changes, we went live.

As of today (November 2nd), 6000+ records were submitted with less than 1% queries and 4000 in progress.

Our Value additions:

  • ·      Intermittent Save option for to prevent any input data loss
  • ·      Dash board view for client, CRO and Sites.
  • ·      Raise Query option for CRO Analysts and option to revise the data at sites
  • ·      Responsive design (compatible with mobile devices, tabs and laptops)
  • ·      Error Preventions at sites to save time and effort in reviews and queries

Cost per each record to client is less than $0.50 for each record which includes data storage for minimum 6 months with backups.

If you are looking forward to convert paper based study to digital version, let’s have a meeting